Just two and half months into 2021, women everywhere have reasons to celebrate these historic wins.

Kamala Harris is America’s first Madame VP.

Women make up just over a quarter of all members of Congress, the highest percentage and the most racially and ethnically diverse in US history.

Rosalind Brewer is set to become the first Black female CEO of a Fortune 500 company.

Chloe Zhao wins Best Director at the 2021 Golden Globes, the first Asian ever and first woman since 1983 to do so.

Anya Taylor-Joy won Best Actress in a Limited Series at the 2021 Golden Globes…

In the aftermath of last summer’s protests, African-Americans have noticed the disconnect between brands and people of color. Is there a chance for redemption? Possibly, though these changes must be addressed first.

Racial Insensitivity in Fashion

There has been a historic lack of diversity and sensitivity in the fashion industry. In 2018, fast-fashion retail giant H&M shocked consumers by displaying an ad with a black child wearing a “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle” hoodie, referencing a racial slur towards POC. Viewers were outraged over the insensitivity and requested H&M to remove the image.

Verdict? Do your research. The reason we…

As a content agency championing diversity and inclusion in media, we strive to accurately reflect the robust experiences of people of color. For pocstock’s inaugural Future of Black America Top 50, we wanted to go beyond the usual high-profile representatives of the culture. We recognize that diversity goes beyond race, so while all our honorees are Black, they represent diversity of age, profession, and level of public knowledge.

There are many names you will recognize and many others you may not, but will — and should — very soon. These esteemed honorees span politics, media, fashion, technology and business, but…

On the 26th Anniversary of Martin Luther King Day and the eve of the historic inauguration of the 46th President of the United States, Joseph R. Biden, and 49th Vice President, Kamala D. Harris, pocstock is kicking off the #IncludeUS campaign with “Living the Dream, Black America’s New Social Contract”, an important conversation about the future of Black America.

The question is clear — to truly fulfill the dream of social equity for Black Americans, do we need to establish a new social contract with America?


A social contract or political contract is a perceived agreement among the people of…

Recently my eleven year-old daughter walked into my office early on a Saturday morning where I was already hard at work on a writing assignment. She walked in already dressed with her shoes on and ready to go. Where, I had no idea. She’s not normally a morning person (she gets it from her momma) so I was a little surprised to see her so bright eyed and bushy tailed at eight thirty in the morning on a Saturday.

“What’s up baby, what are you doing up so early?” I asked her. She walked around to my side of the…

pocstock, a diversity media agency, launched a national digital media campaign promoting positive images of Black fathers, and people are taking notice.

The multi-part social campaign, called the Black Dad Challenge, is a call-to-action for Black fathers, and those that love them, to share photos, videos and stories of Black fathers with their children using the hashtag #BlackDadChallenge. It’s simple for anyone to participate — just tag at least 5 Black dads in a social media post as a show of support and recognition that Black men are also good fathers.

“There is a stereotype, often fueled by inaccurate depictions…


pocstock is a diversity media agency that focuses on creating positive images of people of color. Visit pocstock.com for thousands of images of people of color.

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